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Welcome to The YWW LiveJournal Community! This is a community created for current and past members of the Young Writer's Workshop. The YWW is a camp for aspiring writers at the University of Virginia and has occured during the summer for nearly twenty-five years.

My name is Rachel and I am the moderator of this community. I am now a two year alumni of the workshop and will continue to go back until the day when I can become a counselor. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at stilltheprettiest@hotmail.com or IM me at MidoriFire.

Now that the community has been explained, there are a few minor rules to abide by.


To actually join the community (which I hope you will!), you must first have a LiveJournal account and that isn't very hard to attain. Next, you click on the join link on this page. I will get an email telling me you want to join, and I will give the okay and you'll be in the community! Its just that simple.

Community Rules

Rule #1 You can submit anything you'd like from song lyrics to poems to short stories to photoshopped pictures! But with each submission, please being with a small description. Titles aren't necessary, but its nice to hear a teensy bit of background about your piece.

Rule #2 I know a lot of you are older and enjoy lemons, limes and whatnot... but if your piece is rated R or NC-17 it MUST be behind an Lj-cut with a warning. The reason for this being if we have siblings of workshoppers looking here, I don't want to receive angry emails from parents saying their children have been exposed to something 'bad'.

Rule #3 Which brings me to the next rule about Lj-cuts. If you have a piece that is pretty long, or a larger then normal picture, please put it behind a cut. The reason for this is that for one, long pieces of writing mess up other friends pages and it also doesn't make our community look very pretty.

Rule #4 You don't only have to post work here. You can post questions, or start discussions, debates and whatnot. But Rule #2 still applies to this as well.

Rule #5 Finally, last but not least, I want this community to be a happy place for people to come and post. Friendly critiques are acceptable, and even encouraged, but absolutely NO bashing or flaming other peoples work. If I see anything innapproriate posted, I'll have to just delete you from the community, no questions asked. But from what I've seen, people from the workshop are all extremely mature so I'm really confident that nothing like that will happen.

Other then all that, just have fun! This community is for you guys, and I can't wait to see it grow.

Your moderator,